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Artificial Intelligence

The Future of GPTs

Wisdom Prompt is a tech company specializing in custom Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) for varied applications. We offer personalized AI solutions like chatbots and content generation models, catering to businesses and individuals. Known for our advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, we make sophisticated AI accessible and tailored to client-specific needs.

Our GPTs

SEO Advisor

SEO Advisor is an AI-powered tool based on the GPT architecture, designed to offer expert guidance in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content strategy.

Crypto Advisor

With its user-friendly interface and intelligent analysis, the GPT’s Crypto Advisor seeks to demystify cryptocurrency investments and empower users to make informed decisions.

Wallstreetbets Advisor

“The GPTs WallStreetBets Advisor” is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to analyze the popular subreddit r/wallstreetbets and provide insightful information.

Science GPT

Science GPT is an AI model for scientific assistance, capable of offering detailed explanations across multiple science fields and trained on extensive scientific literature.

Road Buddy

“Road Buddy” is your ultimate companion on the highway. This AI guide is tailored specifically for truckers, offering insights for a smooth and successful journey on the road.

Random Quote Generator

Random Quote Generator is a simple and fun tool that delivers a thought-provoking or inspirational quote at your request. With just a click or a command, it serves up a fresh quote.


As your dedicated SaaS solution consultant, SaaS GPT specializes in guiding you through the complex landscape of software options to find the right choices that align with your unique business needs.

COD Warzone Wizard

The COD Warzone Wizard GPT is a highly specialized AI model designed for fans and players of the popular game Call of Duty: Warzone. This model offers in-depth game strategies, real-time advice, and coaching.

Chef’s Assistant

“Chef’s Assistant” can be described as a friendly culinary expert who provides easy-to-follow advice. This role typically involves aiding individuals in their cooking endeavors, offering guidance and tips to enhance their skills.

Pardot Assistant

“Pardot Assistant” can be described as a friendly guide, providing detailed and user-friendly assistance for navigating Pardot, a popular marketing automation platform. 

Salesforce Assistant

“Sales & Marketing Cloud Helper” is a dedicated assistant designed to provide comprehensive support for all aspects of Sales and Marketing Cloud platforms. 

Bed-time Story Maker

“Bed-time Story Maker” is a gentle, AI-powered storyteller, expertly crafting soothing bedtime tales designed for relaxation. This tool creates calming narratives, perfect for bed time.

Mine Craft GPT

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, Mine Craft GPT is here to guide you through the vast world of Minecraft and how to use it. 

Bible Scholar

Your friendly Bible Expert offers an accessible and informative gateway to the world of biblical studies to help you increase your knowledge using ai.

Quran Scholar

Your Digital Guide to Quranic Wisdom. Dive deep into the rich teachings of the Quran with an AI-powered expert, offering detailed explanations and contextual insights.

Our Blog

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GPT’s Crypto Advisor: Empowering Cryptocurrency Investments

Explore the GPT’s Crypto Advisor: A User-Friendly Interface for Cryptocurrency Investment Insights

The Revolutionary GPTs WallStreetBets Advisor: AI-Powered Financial Insights

Discover the revolutionary GPTs WallStreetBets Advisor – an AI tool transforming financial analysis on r/wallstreetbets.

Discover the Future of SEO with AI: Introducing SEO Advisor

SEO Advisor, the AI-powered SEO tool, is revolutionizing the way we approach Search Engine Optimization and content strategy. Learn how this GPT-based tool can transform your SEO efforts.

Bible Scholar: Your Friendly AI-Powered Bible Expert

Discover Bible Scholar, your AI-assisted guide for an enriching journey through biblical studies. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned scholar, our friendly Bible expert offers an accessible and informative gateway to increase your knowledge.

Quran Scholar: Your Digital Guide to Quranic Wisdom

Discover Quran Scholar, an AI-powered digital guide offering detailed explanations and contextual insights into the Quran’s teachings. Dive deep into the richness of Islamic wisdom with ease and understanding.

Unveiling Mine Craft GPT: Your AI Guide in the Minecraft Universe

Explore the innovative Mine Craft GPT, an AI tool designed to enhance your Minecraft experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, discover how Mine Craft GPT can guide you through the endless possibilities of Minecraft.

Exploring the Future of Artificial General Intelligence

An in-depth exploration of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), its potential impact, challenges, and the future it holds.

Road Buddy: Your Ultimate Companion on the Highway

Discover Road Buddy, the AI guide specifically designed for truckers. Offering insights for a smooth journey, it’s your ultimate highway companion.

What are GPTs?

GPTs, or Generative Pre-trained Transformers, are sophisticated AI tools specifically designed to process and generate human-like language. They function by learning from a vast amount of text data, allowing them to understand, interpret, and respond to language in a way that’s remarkably similar to how humans do. This capability makes them incredibly versatile for various applications, ranging from writing assistance to language translation.

Being a subset of a larger category of AI models known as transformers, GPTs stand out for their efficiency and effectiveness in handling complex language tasks. Transformers, the broader group to which GPTs belong, have revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence. They are particularly renowned for their ability to handle sequential data, like sentences, making them ideal for tasks involving natural language.

Ready to use GPTs?

To start prompting GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers), it’s crucial to understand how they respond to different types of input. Begin by formulating clear and concise prompts. These prompts should be direct and specific to guide the AI towards generating the desired output. Experiment with various styles and lengths of prompts to see how the GPT responds. For more complex tasks, breaking down your request into smaller, more manageable parts can be helpful.

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